a natural product with a twist..

With Leaf confetti you can throw handfuls of celebration into the air! Happy, natural and fitting for your wedding. The confetti and packaging are as enduring as your relationship.

The leaves, which we dry, are selected for their moisture and size.

They leave no stains behind, nor does the Twist. You can choose to have your own name, logo, or other idea put onto the Twist. These discs are printed in natural ink. Within 4 to 5 days the Twist is returned to Nature!


Rose petals and soap bubbles can leave stains behind, rice grains can lead to falls, and non-biodegradable paper confetti or plastic glitters are difficult to clear up.

Leaf confetti poses none of these problems: it is safe, natural, you can’t be fined, keeps the owners of the location happy, and of course personal to you!

Leaf confetti: a personal, natural and celebratory moment during your big day!


We received such lovely reactions from our guests. Also the wedding venue was extremely happy with the biological confetti

A fantastic idea: the natural materials, the personal touch and the crates being made in a community workshop. I had a good feeling about it immediately

The Leaf confetti organisation work with you to match the crate and the Twist perfectly. Now wait for our big day !


Create your crate!

As well as personalising the Twist, you can also design
the wooden crate and the bags of Leaf confetti.

  1. Choose your crate: cr(e)ate, warm wood or whitewash.
  2. Create your crate: let us know your crate design via the link.
  3. We deliver the crate and the Leaf confetti with the Twist in a made-to-measure box. As little packaging material as possible, better for the environment!



27 Jan 2018 Love and Marriage beurs Rotterdam (van Nelle)

28 Jan 2018 Love and Marriage beurs Rotterdam (van Nelle)

17 Maart 2018 Love and Marriage beurs Utrecht (werkspoorkathedraal)

Choose the product


PACKAGE of Leaf confetti

  • 10 bags of Leaf confetti
  • Personalised Twist
  • Personalised engraving on the crate

CRATE of Leaf confetti

  • Personal engraving on the crate
  • Fire and flames + € 10
  • Whitewash
    + € 10

the Leaf confetti

  • Bag of Leaf confetti
  • Printing the personalised Twist

The crate is empty?

The confetti is gone, but the memories remain!

Make a showpiece of the crate: display your beautiful wedding shoes, the guest-book or the ring-cushion so that they are in the limelight for more than a few seconds.

Did you know that….?

…..the crates are made in our community workshop? The people who work here cannot find employment in a regular job, but in our workshop they can use their creativity and talents. We are happy and proud that they want to make these wonderful products for us!



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