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Leaf confetti! A 100% biodegradable party!

A love for each other, a love of life, and Leaf confetti.They go hand in hand. Leaf confetti is a product which is 100% natural, traditionally Dutch and easy to personalise. Above all it is a sustainable alternative for blowing bubbles, rice, conventional confetti and other products. Leaf confetti leaves no stains, you can’t slip on it and within a few days it is degraded naturally. Celebrate the love of life with Leaf confetti!

Share your love, celebrate life.

With Bladconfetti you celebrate love, life, but also the life that has been. In addition to orders for weddings, we increasingly receive orders for funerals. Strange? No, it is not! Instead of scattering a handful of sand on the coffin, the relatives sprinkle with Bladconfetti. In this way they celebrate the life that has been lived and the ceremony can be concluded with a positive feeling.

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bladconfetti bags

v.a. €28,95

Each bag of Leaf confetti contains about three handfuls of love to scatter.This is only an estimate as hands come in different sizes. To calculate how many bags you need you can use this formula: (The number of scatterers/2) * the number of opportunities to scatter.

bladconfetti Giftcard Offline

v.a. €25,00

Are you sure that Leaf confetti is the perfect gift, but you want the party-organiser to personalise the gift themselves? Order a Leaf confetti gift card. We will ensure that the gift card, inclusive of a sample bag of confetti, is gift-wrapped and delivered on the date you specify.