How Bladconfetti was created

Bas and Eelkje, the inventors of leaf confetti, got married in September 2015. The intended bride and bridegroom started planning well in advance. Bas: ”Luckily for us, because when we discovered that the wedding venue would not allow rice, confetti, rose petals or glitter to be thrown we had to quickly find another solution.”

The couple love natural products and they wanted their wedding day to include only biodegradable products. Eelkje: “We surfed the whole internet for sustainable, festive and affordable alternatives. They did not exist. We then decided to make our own.”

This decision turned out well! “ Extremely well” beams Bas. “We immediately received enquiries from near and far as to where we had found our confetti.” Eelkje smiles: “It was a real gap in the market, and now we sell throughout Europe!”

What started as a one-off production has expanded into a real company. “Leaf confetti can now be personalised due to the biodegradable ‘twist’,” tells Bas enthusiastically. “You can also order a crate with your own engraving.”

Leaf confetti is handmade by people working in sheltered employment” adds Eelkje. “It is sustainable, traditionally Dutch and authentic. We are happy that we can share our idea with others in this way.”




“We scoured the entire internet for sustainable, festive and affordable alternatives. They weren't there, so we decided to make the confetti ourselves."
Bladconfetti; a 100% biodegradable party!


Our wonderful workforce

Our wonderful workforce in sheltered employment assemble the crates, fold the edges of the bags, and fill the crates.


The making of bladconfetti

Psssst … The manufacturing process of the Leaf confetti is strictly secret. We understand your curiosity so we give a tiny part of our secret away on the website.

Linda-Jane Fotografie

The Leaf confetti –as the name suggests- is 100% natural. This is what we want, and we also ensure that the ‘twist’ and packaging are also sustainable.

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