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How it all began

Discover the story behind Leaf Confetti, the sustainable alternative to traditional wedding confetti. When Bas and Eelkje planned their wedding, they faced a challenge: the wedding venue prohibited customary sprinkles such as rice and confetti. Determined to find something unique, they began making their own confetti from natural materials. It turned out to be a hit. Now, out of their passion for sustainability and celebration, they share their handmade confetti with people all over Europe. Learn more about this archetypal Dutch, social workshop project and find out how you can even order personalized crates.

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Why we do what we do

Leading the way in design, innovation and sustainability; this is what Leaf Confetti continually strives for.
The ink we use is extracted from soybeans and is 100% plant-based.

Our packaging is completely acid-free and FSC-certified.
the mature ones, so our shrubs and the still small leaves can just continue to


With Leaf Confetti, you can sprinkle to your heart’s content. It is an all-natural product and has completely broken down within 4 to 5 days. Is your location struggling with Leaf Confetti? If so, please feel free to refer them to us! So with Leaf Confetti, a sustainable product made with love.

No planet B

Choose leaf confetti, the sustainable and festive choice for your event! Made from 100% natural materials, it leaves no trace of waste. This is how you contribute to the preservation of our beautiful planet B. Together we can treat the earth with love and celebrate without guilt. Choose leaf confetti and make a positive impact on the environment! Also read our mission and vision statement

Food Waste

Our product is all-natural and sustainable, made from leaves. Unlike some competitors, we do not use food as a base ingredient, which means we do not waste food. Enjoy our colorful confetti and contribute to a better environment!

Discover the beauty of nature with Leaf Confetti – the perfect decorative accent for all your parties and events. Made from real leaves, without wasting food ingredients. Add a touch of green to your decorating without guilt. Leaf confetti is sustainable and eco-friendly, making your guests feel good about the planet while enjoying your event. Order now and create an unforgettable atmosphere with Leaf Confetti.

Social employment

At Leaf Confetti, we outsource work to sheltered workshops, contributing to employment opportunities for people distant from the labor market. We are proud of our contribution to the development of our community and the opportunity to support talented and motivated workers. Join our mission and help us promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace!

fighting the

Environmental problem

– 100% Biodegradable
Friendly to Animals and Humans
– Unprocessed and Site Friendly
– Handmade in social workshop
– FSC-certified packaging
– Quickly degradable

Discover and celebrate your festivity responsibly!

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If you do it, then do it well

Social workshop

These toppers make it possible

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