Our bladconfetti specialists

Bladconfetti is a traditional Dutch product. The cultivation and harvest of the leaves, the manufacture of the confetti, the production of the end-product; it is all carried out by hand and in The Netherlands. Above all we work with real professionals, the workers in sheltered employment. These workers are often excluded from the ‘world of work’ and we hope to redress this with our production. The fact that they put their heart and soul into their work is evident from everything they produce.

100% natural and handmade

Our workers are busy building crates, filling the bags with confetti, folding the edges of the bags carefully to enable them to fit neatly in the crate, and to make it easy to grab a handful from the bag. Our products are all unique.


Willem the crate-maker!

“Hi, I am Willem. I work in social employment and I manufacture the crates for the Leaf confetti. I really enjoy my work. It is much different to the production of ordinary crates. There are two colours, Basic, or Fire and Flame, and you can choose for a crate with a handgrip or with leather handles. My colleagues are very jealous of me. I am the bladconfetti crate-maker!”

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