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Leaf confetti is an archetypal Dutch product. Growing and harvesting the leaves, confettizing, putting together the final product; everything is done by hand and takes place in the Netherlands. In addition, we work with true professionals in the field of Leaf Confetti; the toppers from the sheltered workshop! These people are at a distance from the labor market and we hope that with our products we can reduce this distance. It’s a treat to see our top performers at work. They put their heart and soul into the work and it shows in everything they make

From a to z

100% cut by hand

Leaf confetti is cut by hand by people distanced from the labor market, leaf by leaf, with care and attention. This process ensures that the confetti consists purely of leaves, with no additives. By ordering leaf confetti, you the customer contribute to providing employment and a meaningful day’s work for these people. It is a small but meaningful way to contribute to society. Moreover, as a customer, you get a unique and durable product, perfect for any festivity or event. Together we can make a difference, leaf by leaf.

Leaf confetti decays but the memory remains!

If you order your Leaf Confetti in a crate, you will have a beautiful and lasting memory. You can choose from two colors: Solid Base or Fire & Flame. The crates come standard with leather handles. To further customize your crate, we will engrave a design you provide on one of the sides (this is included in the price).

Nail on the head

Jimmy the cratier!

Hi! I’m Jimmy. I work at the sheltered workshop and I make the crates for Leaf Confetti. It’s fun to do. Very different from making ordinary crates. There are two different colors, Solid Base and Fire & Flame with a leather handle. My colleagues are super jealous that I get to do this work. I am the cratier of Leaf Confetti!”

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